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What’s in a cat’s name? More than you might think! I actually like my name. And it makes me feel good about myself, even if it is a bit long. 

A cat's name says it all.

What’s in a cat’s name? More than you may think!

Is it okay to change a cat’s name, Thomasina? I recently adopted a cat named Stinky. She must hate that name! 
— Hopeful

Hi Hopeful!

Oh, yes… Please change your cat’s name! No wonder she looks so sad in her picture. Who would want to be called Stinky for 18 or 20 years?

To be honest, I’ve never heard that word, and I don’t know what it means. But I could tell by the way my human typist said it when she read your email to me that it’s not good.

What’s In A (Cat’s) Name?

There’s more in a cat’s name than you may think. We pick up on our people’s thoughts. So when you call “Stink-eee,” she probably gets a visual picture of a yucky, smelly cat (my typist told me what stinky means. Ugh…). 

Why don’t you ask her to choose a name. A word she likes might pop into your head. Or, if you’re going to decide on her name alone, think of something you can say with love and respect and with a smile on your face. Then, every time you say her name, you’ll be sending her a message that you love her.

Here are some more things to think about when choosing a cat’s name.

  • We like the sound of “s” in a name
  • Most of us respond to names that end in “eee.” 
  • Always try to say your cat’s name the same way. If you call her “Kitty” one day and “Kitt-eee” the next, she won’t know who the heck you’re talking to.
  •  Pick a name that will last a lifetime. “Baby” might work for a kitten, but your cat’s not going to appreciate being called Baby when she’s 10 years old. And Peanut’s not going to work when your tiny kitten’s all grown up and weighs in at eight or nine pounds.

  • We tend to have selective hearing and tune things out when we get bored. So choose a short name. If you give your cat a really long one, she’s not going to hear the whole thing anyway. I can tell you this from personal experience. As far as I’m concerned, my name is Thoma… I don’t even bother listening to the rest. 
  • You could name your cat for something that makes her look different from everyone else. My friend Muffitt got her name because our human thinks she looks and feels like a muff. I have no idea what a muff is, but the name is cute.  
  • You could name your cat after a celebrity or politician, too. Petco suggests The Donald, although I have no idea why.
  • Think about how you’ll feel when you’re standing on your front porch calling your cat. If you’ll be embarrassed to say her name, choose something else.

The Most Popular Cat Names

The cats in our neighborhood have some really good names: Sizzle, Rocky, TJ (great name, but I’m sort of scared of him), Buddy, Oliver, Fancy, Max, Charlie (he’s our super cool feral friend), Scrabble and Belle.

Really, Belle is such a pain, and wouldn’t you know Belle and Bella are among the most popular cat names this year.

Other names to make Nationwide Pet Insurance’s list are Max, Oliver, Luna, Lucy,  Chloe, Charlie, Lily, Tiger and Shadow. And then there are Shakespurr, Issac Mewton, The Great Catsby and Winston Purrchill. 

I hope this helps, Hopeful. If you’ll excuse me, Muffitt and I are going to go see if we can figure out the names of the mice who live in the woods. Hey, when you and your cat descie on a name, I hope you’ll let us know what it is!

Oh, and there’s more about cat names in the post right below this one. 


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