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Trust me on this. The location and style of your cat’s litter box are two of the most important decisions you’ll make. Try to think like a cat, and you’ll get it right!


Your cat's litter box shouldn't have a top.

Your cat’s litter box should be open, not completely covered like this one.

Do you have any advice about my cat’s litter box, Thomasina? I recently bought this one, and he won’t use it! He either waits to go outside, or he goes on top of the box, not in it. I thought he’d love the privacy. Doesn’t privacy matter to cats?
— Disappointed 

Hey, Disappointed!
Eeeuuu… I wouldn’t use that box either! Your cat’s litter box is so important, and that one would be like diving into a Porta Potty headfirst. Eeeuuu…

Oh. Sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings!

To answer your question about your cat’s litter box, we don’t really care about privacy. After all, we’re just doing what comes naturally. That human need for privacy doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. All we want is a quiet peaceful place where we won’t get jumped by another animal or chased by a human.

Your Cat’s Perfect Litter Box

To us, the perfect place to… ummm… eliminate… (how’s that for being delicate?) is a patch of grass or a little pile of dirt in a flowerbed. We don’t have to climb into a box or worry about offending other cats by covering their scents with ours. Inside, it’s a good idea to think “outdoors” when setting up your cat’s litter box.

Here are a few tips.

Our human and I wrote a couple of articles on cat litter box issues for her website.  You’ll find some good information there. And here’s our review on the best litter boxes

Oops! Gotta go now! Mother Nature is calling, and I don’t feel like using my litter box, so I have some things to take care of outside.



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