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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much | The Importance Of The Cat Nap

Hate to say it, but I think it’s odd that humans wonder why cats sleep so much. We wonder why you sleep so little! We’re not lazy. It’s just that our lifestyle takes a lot of energy.

Why do cats sleep so much? Not because they're lazy!

Your cats don’t sleep a lot because they’re lazy!

Why do cats sleep so much, Thomasina? Mine sleeps all day and keeps me awake all night. He’s driving me crazy! 
— Sleep Deprived 

Hey, Sleep Deprived…
There’s a good reason why cats sleep so much, and I’ll try to tell you quickly. I’ve been very busy outside for the last hour or so, and I need a nap. I’m feeling sleep deprived myself!

Just Because Cats Sleep So Much Doesn’t Mean We’re Lazy