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I hate to say it, but I think it’s odd that humans wonder why cats sleep so much. We wonder why you sleep so little! We’re not lazy. It’s just that our lifestyle takes a lot of energy.

Why do cats sleep so much, Thomasina? Mine sleeps all day and keeps me awake all night. He’s driving me crazy! — Sleep Deprived 

Why do cats sleep so much? Not because they're lazy!

Does your cat sleep most of the time? He’d not being lazy!

Hey, Sleep Deprived…
There’s a good reason why cats sleep so much, and I’ll try to tell you quickly. I’ve been very busy outside for the last hour or so, and I need a nap. I’m feeling sleep deprived myself!

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Just Because Cats Sleep So Much Doesn't Mean We're Lazy

To answer your question, cats spend between 13-16 hours a day napping. That may sound like a lot to you, but cats sleep so much because we need to conserve our strength. Our stalk and pounce style of hunting takes a lot of energy.

 Unfortunately for you, we’re most active when you’re sleeping. We’re crepuscular (what the heck is that? I wish my human typist hadn’t added that. It sounds creepy). Oh, I just figured it out. That means we’re more active at dusk and dawn when those sweet little mice we love to play with are out and about.

Instinct pretty much dictates our sleep patterns. So even a strictly indoor cat will think she needs to conserve her energy by napping often and waking up to play (hunt) and eat at dawn.

How To Keep Your Cat Busy So You Can Sleep

To keep your indoor cat from waking you up at daybreak, leave some blinds and curtains open so she can see outside. And make sure she has something to eat. To indulge that predator instinct, put food in a couple of places around your house so she can hunt for her “prey.” That should keep her busy while you’re sleeping. Puzzle feeders and treat balls are fun, too. They’ll keep her occupied during prime hunting times.

I hope this explains why cats sleep so much, Sleep Deprived. I have to get going now. My favorite bed is beckoning, and dawn will be here before I know it.

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