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Why Do Cats Walk On People? They’re Not Being Rude

Does your cat walk all over you? Despite what you may think when cats walk on people we’re not being rude!
Why do cats walk on people? Not because they're rude!

Why do cats walk on people? Not because they’re rude!

Why do cats walk on people, Thomasina? My cat walks across me like I’m not even there. He’s so rude!
— Stepped On

Hi Stepped On!

I don’t think your cat’s being rude. I walk across our human all the time! When my feet are wet, I sort of regret getting muddy paw prints all over her. But I guess that’s why humans have those noisy machines that wash their clothes. 

Cats walk on people because the people are in the way. Usually, when cats walk on people, they’re taking a shortcut. Strolling across your lap, or your back when you’re in bed, is a fast and efficient way of getting from point A to point B.

When Cats Walk On People, It’s All About Efficiency, Not Manners