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Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? Not Just Because It’s Fun!

Why do cats insist on knocking things over? We have some good reasons for this. But we don’t do it just to annoy you! 
Why do cats knock things over?

Cats knock things over, but not just because it’s fun.

Why do cats knock things over, Thomasina? My cat is constantly swatting pictures and trinkets onto the floor.

— Annoyed

Hey, Annoyed!

I can see where constantly picking things up would get really tiresome. But your cat doesn’t mean to annoy you or be disrespectful. We just see things differently than you do, and sometimes cats knock things over because they’re in the way.

Your cat doesn’t realize your pictures and trinkets are arranged on a table because they look nice. If she wants to nap on the table, and they’re in her way, she’ll just push them aside. It doesn’t seem like a problem to her if they all land on the floor. 

Why Cats Knock Things Over