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Five Reasons Why Your Cat Doesn’t Purr

If your cat doesn’t purr, don’t take it personally. I don’t either! Purring is a lot of work, and some of us think it’s just not worth it. And there are other reasons why some cats don’t purr, too.

Even if your cat doesn't purr, she shows affection in other ways.

Don’t take it personally if your cat doesn’t purr.

My cat doesn’t purr, Thomasina. Does that mean she doesn’t like me?
— Feeling Hurt

Hey, Feeling Hurt…

To be honest, I don’t purr either. Maybe your cat doesn’t purr, but I’ll bet she lets you know she loves you in other ways. Some of us just show affection differently. 

Our human can tell I love her by the look in my eyes and by the way I press my head into her hand when she touches me. Your cat might also show how much she loves you by rubbing against your hands, your face or your legs or kneading. 

Five Reasons Why Your Cat Doesn’t Purr