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Fighting Fur? Why Does Your Cats’ Fur Stick To Everything?

Does your cats’ fur stick to everything? Mine does! I did some research and found some interesting reasons why it does that.

Does your cats' fur stick to everything?

Why does your cats’ fur stick to everything?

My cats’ fur sticks to everything, Thomasina. It even clings to the legs of my tables! Why does it do that?

— Sooo Tired Of Cleaning

Hi Sooo Tired…
Good question! We have the same problem here. Our cats’ fur sticks to everything, too. We make such a mess! 

The simple explanation for why your cats’ fur sticks to everything is that cat hair has a positive magnetic charge. I have no idea what that is. But I do know that as we move around the house, we come into contact with things that have a negative magnetic charge (I don’t know what that is either!). Like any other magnet, when one meets the other, they stick together. 

Tiny Strands Of Hair Everywhere