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Thomasina’s Blog is all about cat behavior, cat healthcare and other purrls of wisdom about cats. If you’re wondering why cats do the things they do, I’ve got you covered. You’ll find the answers right here! — Thomasina

Is It Better To Have One Cat Or Two?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Is it better to have one cat or two? Take it from me. You need two! It’s true that cats are resourceful and fiercely independent. We can manage perfectly well by ourselves — we don’t need other cats or dogs or even humans. But we’re social animals, too. That’s why most feral cats live in colonies. Even if we’re not the best of friends, it’s good to know another cat is around. And it nice to live with someone of the same species who speaks the same language you do. We’re talking about adult cats here. If you’re adopting a kitten, you absolutely need two. Keep reading to find out why.

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Do Cats Get Lonely? Six Ways To Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do cats get lonely? Well, yes and no. We’re solitary hunters, even if the only thing we hunt is toys inside the house. But most of us also enjoy the companionship of people we know and like. Are you worried that your cat is lonely when you’re gone all day? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to know. 

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Why Is Your Cat Always Hungry? Three Things To Do

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why is your cat always hungry? He has his reasons for constantly begging for food, and one of them isn’t to be a pest! Hyperthyroidism and diabetes can make cats hungry all the time and eat nonstop although they’re losing weight. A bored cat is always hungry, too. And take a look at your cat’s food. Some ingredients, like beet pulp, leave cats always feeling hungry. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what to do about your nagging, hungry cat.

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The Amazing Healing Power Of The Purr

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why do cats purr? Not just because we’re happy. We purr to comfort ourselves when we’re not feeling well, and we purr to you when you’re not feeling well, too. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you about the amazing healing power of the purr for both cats and humans. Just wondering, Thomasina. Does a cat’s

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Do Cats Need To Drink Water? It Depends On Their Diet

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do cats need to drink water? Well, yes and no. We need 3.5–4.5 ounces of moisture per five pounds of body weight per day. But that moisture doesn’t necessarily have to come from a bowl. If we eat an all- or mostly-wet-food diet, we’ll get most of the water we need from our food. Do

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Cats In Cold Weather | How They Cope

Reading Time: 3 minutes Personally, I prefer to be inside when it’s very cold. But cats in cold weather can be just fine, especially if they have some help from humans. We have all kinds of ways to cope with cold weather, and some of them might surprise you!

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Eight Easy Ways To Keep Cats Off The Christmas Tree

Reading Time: 4 minutes Trust me. With some planning, cats and Christmas trees can coexist. I’ve come up with lots of ways to keep cats off the Christmas tree, some of them based on my own unhappy personal experience. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what they are.

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Nine Unusual Christmas Gifts For Cats

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s true, cats are creatures of habit. But on the holidays, we enjoy something a little different instead of the same old, same old. If your cats have tons of toys, I’ve made a list of unusual Christmas gifts for cats they’ll love. Check it out to see super-cute whisker friendly dishes, unique cat beds that will look great in your living room and more. 

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Thanksgiving With Cats: Easy Ways To Make It Safe & Fun

Reading Time: 4 minutes Did you know this? Thanksgiving can be really dangerous for cats. Turkey bones and onions are just two Thanksgiving hazards for cats. And then there’s the nuisance factor — the cat who gets into everything that smells like it would be good to eat or grabs a few bites of the freshly carved turkey you’ve just put on a plate. How can you enjoy Thanksgiving with cats? Keep reading to see the suggestions I have for you.

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