The Amazing Healing Power Of The Purr

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Why do cats purr? Not just because we’re happy. We purr to comfort ourselves when we’re not feeling well, and we purr to you when you’re not feeling well, too. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you about the amazing healing power of the purr for both cats and humans.


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The amazing healing power of the purr helps hymans, too.

If you’re not feeling well, cuddle with a purring cat.

Just wondering, Thomasina. Does a cat’s purr mean anything but happiness? Curious

Hey,  Curious…

Good question! People think a cat’s purr indicates happiness. That’s true, of course. But there are other reasons why cats purr, too. Have you ever heard about the amazing healing power of the purr? It’s very cool, if I do say so myself.

And our purrs don’t all sound the same. You have to really listen to understand what your cat’s purr is telling you.

Why Cats Purr: It's Not Always About "Purrfection"

Kittens purr to their mothers to let Mom know where they are. It’s a way mother cats and kittens bond, too. And mother cats purr their kittens to sleep.

Some cats purr when they want food. They purr and mew at the same time. I’ve never been able to figure out how to do that, but Belle’s really good at it. I can see where it would get our human’s attention and make her open the cans even faster because it’s so annoying.

We also purr when we’re not feeling well or are in pain. That’s where the healing power of the purr comes in. Purring sounds as soothing to us as it does to you, but it does other amazing things, too. 

The Amazing Healing Power Of The Purr

The sound of a cat purring is comforting and relaxing. But the amazing power of the purr isn’t the sound but the vibration.

I just learned this… According to an article on (Wired writes about cats??) we purr at a frequency of about 26 Hertz. That’s a range that promotes tissue regeneration. Purring can heal wounds and bones, reduce swelling and pain, and can repair tendons and build muscle. So that slogan, “Purr More; Hiss Less” is actually good advice, because our lifestyle demands strong muscles.

You’ve probably heard that cuddling with a purring cat can relieve stress and lower blood pressure. But the vibration frequency of purrs can also speed up healing, reduce swelling and provide relief from pain in humans, too.

This doesn’t happen instantly. You’ll have to spend some time with your cat to reap those benefits. But when you’re hurt or not feeling well, all you feel like doing is cuddling with your cat in bed anyway. And as another slogan goes, “time spent with a cat is never wasted.”

Feeling stressed? This video of a kitten purring might be just what you need.

I hope this helps, Curious. If you’ll excuse me, I need to take a nap with my human typist now. Her back hurts from spending so much time at her computer, and I want to curl up against her back and purr until she feels better.

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