The 10 Best Holiday Gifts For Cat Lovers

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It’s never too early to start looking for holiday gifts for cat lovers. The cats at our house have been searching online for gifts for our human whenever she’s not around. We’ve found some really cute things she’ll love, from a black cat face mask to an editor cat on a mug and a beautiful cat angel. Take a look. You’re sure to find something the cat lover in your life will love. 


My human typist and I believe in transparency (I have no idea what that is, but it sounds good). So we want you to know clicking on some of the links in this post will take you to Amazon. We only recommend products we trust, and we earn a small commission for purchases made through this blog at no additional charge to you. That commission helps us keep my blog running and the cats fed!

Speed Read

Orange cat has his keyboard and mouse ready to shop for holiday gifts for cat lovers.Hey Thomasina, I’m Chip, an orange cat! Can you recommend any good holiday gifts for cat lovers? I want to get something for my human, and she doesn’t seem to appreciate things I bring her from outside. I hope you have an answer for me because this typing thing is really hard.

Hey, Chip!

I know typing’s hard for a cat. That why I have a human do mine. She’s very good at taking dictation.

Our human doesn’t appreciate things from outside either, so we’ve been looking at holiday gifts for cat lovers on Amazon. This is what we’ve found so far. I hope you see something you like!

The 10 Best Holiday Gifts For Cat Lovers

1. Black Cat Face Mask

Our human already has several cat print masks. But in this day and age, people can’t have too many. And this one’s super cute. The mask is made of double stitched breathable three-ply 100 percent ringspun cotton and has easy on and off ear loops to accommodate diverse face shapes and sizes. I have no idea what any of that means, but it sounds good. 

2. Woven Cotton Storage Basket

We’re thinking this would be a great holiday gift for cat lovers. Our human would love it. She could put it beside her bed and use it to store her favorite books and even her iPad. Soda loves deep baskets, and he’d probably sleep on top of all her stuff. He really wants us to get this! The basket is made of 100 percent ECO cotton and is 15.7 inches long ×13 inches wide ×13.4 inches high.   The ears are loops do they can be used as handles. Ouch! It would be very risky to pick me up by the ears!

Ha! Our human’s a writer, and she could definitely use one of these. The mug holds 11 ounces of coffee or tea. It’s microwave-safe 100 percent pure white ceramic and is four x four x four inches. The design in printed on both sides. 

4. Cats Welcome Sign

This would be perfect for the piece of furniture in our foyer. Or we could hang it on our door, too. I’m just not sure all cats would be welcome. Soda’s sort of choosy about his friends. The sign is made of rustic distressed wood. It measures 6 inches x 8 inches x 1.5 inches. 

5. Black Cat Bag Clip

6. Cat hat

Our human is always losing our bag clips, so we could definitely use more. And these are just too cute. They’re small — just 1.75 inches x 1.5 inches x 1.25 inches. But there are six in the package, so if she loses one, we’ll have a few more.

This would be fun for our human to wear until she lost it. Maybe we could train her to put it in her pocket when she takes it off. The hat is made of crocheted wool-like acrylic fiber and also comes in blue and black. It’s 8.27 inches wide x 7.87 inches high so it fits children and most adults. 

7. Cat Angel

Of all the things we found, this is my favorite holiday gift for cat lovers. We have one, and we love her. She’s so beautiful. She’s on a shelf above our human’s desk. This one is Faithful Freind from the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek White Woodland collection. She’s hand-painted and made from high-quality stone resin. She’s 5.2 inches high x 3.5 inches long x 2.5 inches wide.

8. Cat Gloves

These cute gloves would keep our human’s hands snuggly warm in cold weather, and two of the fingers and thumb are even designed for dialing a phone and texting. She does a lot of that! The gloves are 100 percent acrylic. They’re stretchy, so one size fits almost everyone. That’s every human. They don’t make gloves for cats, although I wish someone would. 

9. Cat Hoody

A human can never have too many hoodies, and this one is so pretty and cute. The reviews on Amazon say it’s not warm though. It’s more for cool days than cold weather. It’s made of 100 percent polyester and comes in several colors, including grey, pink and yellow. Hoodies are something else cats could use on cold days. Are you listening, manufacturers??

10. Kliban Engagement Calendar

Your human will start every day with a smile if the first thing she looks at is this Kilban engagement calendar. If you don’t know him, Kilban’s cat has endless adventures that make both people and him laugh. This 2021 engagement calendar is wire-o bound. It has a soft cover with flaps, and the environmentally sourced paper is suitable for both pens and pencils. It has 120 pages and measures 6.25 inches x 0.75 inches x 8.25 inches. It’s printed with soy-based ink.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, Chip. I hope our shopping list helps.

Oh… No… Well, this is bad news. I just discovered we can’t pay Amazon with large insects and mice. It looks like we’re going to have to use our human’s account. But she buys so much stuff on Amazon, she probably won’t even notice! 

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