Going Incognito – Why Cats Bury Their Food

Going Incognito – Why Cats Bury Their Food

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Why do cats bury their food? We have a couple of reasons for doing that, and one of them isn’t to be annoying!

Some cats bury their food, even if it's in a crystal dish.

Does your cat bury his food?

Can you tell me why cats bury their food after they’re finished eating, Thomasina? My cat does that, and the scratching on the floor is driving me crazy!
— Annoyed

Hi Annoyed…

Funny you should ask. Some cats bury their food for good reasons, or at least they think they have good reasons. Our new cat, Boots, does that. I agree it’s really annoying, and it’s not even necessary. It’s not like predators are going to find him inside!

Dogs sometimes bury leftover food so they can return to it later. But we don’t do that. We don’t eat spoiled meat. And the food we catch outside (a mouse) is the perfect size for a meal. We usually don’t have any leftovers to bury.

Why Some Cats Bury Their Food