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I can’t imagine trying to eat out of a slow feeder for cats. They must be so frustrating and uncomfortable. And you don’t need to do that to your cat! If he eats too fast, there are other ways to slow him down. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how.

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You don't need a slow feeder for cats if your cat has satisfying food in a whisker friendly bowl like this one.

If your cat has satisfying food in a whisker friendly bowl, he won’t need a slow feeder for cats.

Can you recommend a slow feeder for cats, Thomasina? My cat finishes his food in about two seconds and then throws up everywhere. — Fed Up Cat Mom

Hey, Fed Up Cat Mom

I’m sorry your cat’s making such a mess. But it’s really not his fault. And he doesn’t like vomiting any better than you like cleaning up. Sorry, but I can’t recommend a slow feeder for cats. They’re all so difficult and frustrating. If your cat’s eating too fast, there are other ways to slow him down.

Paws Down On That Slow Feeder For Cats

I understand the concept behind slow feeders. Humans worry that their cats eat too fast and then throw up. Or they think the cats are overweight and want them to eat less.

If eating less is your goal, a slow feeder could be one solution. Your cat might get so frustrated he stops eating altogether! If that happens, I hope you cave and give him his regular bowl. Cats who stop eating can get fatty liver disease (feline hepatic lipidosis), and that can be fatal.

To me, this slow feeder for cats is the worst because some cats can’t even figure out how to get to the food.  And many cats’ paws are too big to fit in the spaces of feeders like this and this. Who wants to work so hard for one tiny piece of dry food! This one looks like fun though. 

If you really want to limit the amount of food your cat eats at once, try a timed feeder and set it to open a few times a day to give your cat several small meals. 

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Slowing Down That Hungry Kitty

Did you know this? We’re descended from desert wild cats. I think that’s just so cool! But the only food our ancestors had was what they could catch, so if they were lucky enough to find them, they ate several small rodents a day. We don’t need to catch our food, but our bodies haven’t evolved all that much. We still do best with several small meals a day.

So here are some ways to slow  your hungry cat down if he’s eating too fast.

♦ Feed a species-appropriate, satisfying diet. An all-wet-food diet is best. If your cat feels full and satisfied after he eats, he won’t be so hungry he scarfs down his next meal and throws it up two minutes later.

♦ Avoid indoor and weight control food. They contain things we would never eat, like beet pulp and powdered cellulose. They’re supposed to make the cat feel full, but they don’t. So the cat always feels hungry and either eats much more than he should or devours his next meal in three or four bites.

♦ Free feed or use a timed feeder for a couple of portion controlled meals a day. You can free feed wet food. It won’t go bad if it’s left out for several hours. And unless your cat is very bored or has a health problem, he won’t overeat. Our bodies know how many calories we need per meal, and we rarely eat too much.

♦ Make sure your cat has interesting toys and things to do so he has something to think about besides food. 

I hope this helps, Fed-up Cat Mom. I just noticed some of my favorite food is in one of our bowls. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go grab a bite to eat. If you’re wondering what a whisker-friendly bowl is, here’s some information about them. 

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