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Six Things Cats Hate To Walk On

Since we’re always barefoot, there are some things cats hate to walk on. Although it makes me feel really guilty, I’ll tell you what they are so you can keep your cats away from places where you think they don’t belong.
Things cats hate to walk on include slippery floors.

What things do your cats hate to walk on?

Are there things cats hate to walk on, Thomasina? I recently replaced my carpeting with hardwood, and my cats refuse to walk on it!
— Perplexed Cat Mom

Hi Perplexed…

Yikes! I’m sorry your cats hate walking on your new floor. I’m pretty sure they’ll get used to it.

Cats are creatures of habit, and it takes us a while to accept anything new. And new floors would be a major adjustment. I don’t think I’d want to walk on them either! For one thing, they’d smell strange and not at all like my familiar territory. And hardwood floors would probably feel slippery when I was used to walking on carpet

Things Cats Hate Walking On