Do Cats Like Dogs? Are They Happy Living Together?

Do cats like dogs? Some of us do. Try these tips for bringing an outside cat in and introducing him to your dog.

Many cats like dogs.

Some cats like dogs enough to share a box with them.

Do cats like dogs, Thomasina? A cat has been living on my deck for months, and I’d like to invite him to come in. I don’t want him to hate living with my dog though.
— Maybe Future Cat Mom

Hey Future Cat Mom…

I’m so glad you asked before you brought the cat in! Yes, some cats like dogs. And some dogs like cats. It all depends on the personalities. 

Do Cats Bond With Their People?

Do cats bond with their people? That depends on the cat! Some of us love our people (I do!) and some, not so much.

Most cats bond with people, although some do it in subtle ways.

Do cats bond with their people, Thomasina? I’m thinking about adopting a cat, but I want a close friend, not just another body in the house. Would I be happier with a dog?
— Undecided

Hi Undecided! 

Wow. That’s a difficult decision to make. I guess it depends on what you really want in a companion. But to answer your first question, despite what you might have heard about us, most cats bond with their people. We can be sort of subtle about it though. So that bond might not be quite what you expect.

When Cats Bond With Their People

Do Cats Need Exercise? Nine Easy Workouts for Your Cat

Cats need exercise as much as humans do. If your cat’s a couch potato, I’ve thought of nine ways to get him up and moving.

Cats need exercise as much as humans do.

Cats need exercise as much as humans do.

Don’t cats need exercise Thomasina? My cats spend most of the day sleeping!
— Worried Cat Mom

Hi, Worried…

Yes, cats need exercise! But I don’t think you should worry that your cats spend most of the day sleeping. That’s pretty normal. We’re crepuscular (my human typist loves that word!), which means we’re most active at dusk and dawn. 

But even though we sleep most of the day, cats still need exercise to be healthy and happy. With no exercise, we get so depressed and bored. 

Why Cats Need Exercise

Fighting Fur? Why Does Your Cats’ Fur Stick To Everything?

Does your cats’ fur stick to everything? Mine does! I did some research and found some interesting reasons why it does that.

Does your cats' fur stick to everything?

Why does your cats’ fur stick to everything?

My cats’ fur sticks to everything, Thomasina. It even clings to the legs of my tables! Why does it do that?

— Sooo Tired Of Cleaning

Hi Sooo Tired…
Good question! We have the same problem here. Our cats’ fur sticks to everything, too. We make such a mess! 

The simple explanation for why your cats’ fur sticks to everything is that cat hair has a positive magnetic charge. I have no idea what that is. But I do know that as we move around the house, we come into contact with things that have a negative magnetic charge (I don’t know what that is either!). Like any other magnet, when one meets the other, they stick together. 

Tiny Strands Of Hair Everywhere

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Can cats eat dog food? Ugh… I guess we can if we really want to. But there are several reasons why we need cat food, too.

Can cats eat dog food? It depends on how much.

Can cats eat dog food? A bite or two is okay.

Can cats eat dog food, Thomasina? My cat likes the dog’s food better than her own.
— Worried

Hi Worried…

Ugh. Dog food is about the last thing I’d want to eat. But it’s okay if cats eat dog food, as long as it’s just a bite or two and they eat cat food too.

Cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements. And when cats eat dog food and nothing else, they’re not getting the nutrients they need to be healthy. 

Why Cats Need Cat, Not Dog, Food