Our Cats’ Pet Peeves | 14 Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

You know that disgusted look on your cat’s face? I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but there are some things humans do that cats hate. I’ve made this list so you can avoid annoying your cat, at least some of the time. 


This cat looks so disgusted. Maybe her human is doing one of the things cats hate.

Sometimes you can tell by the look on your cat’s face if your doing one of the things cats hate.

Can humans do things cats hate, Thomasina? The other night, I gave mine a big hug and got scratched! Why would he do that? I thought he loved me!
— Hurt

Hey, Hurt!

I’m so sorry about the scratch. Unfortunately, humans can do things cats hate. And for some of us, hugging is one of them. If you gave me a hug, I’d scratch, too. Many of us aren’t big on huge human arms squishing us until our ribs ache.

I’m sure your cat loves you a lot. But there are some things humans do that annoy us so much. Picking us up is one of them. We feel safer when our feet are planted firmly on the ground, not suspended in midair. Hugging can actually hurt and makes getting picked up even worse.

14 Things Cats Hate

Do Cats Like Music? It Depends On The Music

Do cats like music? I guess it depends on the music… and the cat. I love to hear singing birds and rustling leaves. They’re music to my ears. 



Do cats like music, Thomasina? I’m thinking about leaving the radio on for my cat when he’s inside, and I’m going to be gone all day.

— Music Lover

Hey, Music Lover!

Some cats like music and some don’t. And a lot of it depends on the music and how loud it is.

Baithoven’s Fifth Symphony (Oops! Sorry I got your name wrong, Mr. B. I guess that’s why cats have human typists) could be a bit much for him because it gets really loud. We’re listening to it now, and it’s hurting my ears. But something quiet might be okay. Some cats like soft classical music. Or at least quiet music doesn’t annoy them or hurt their ears. 

Those Super-Sensitive Cat Ears

Halloween Myths About Black Cats

Is it bad luck if a black cat crosses your path? It depends on where you live! Every country seems to have its own myths about black cats.

Where did all those myths about black cats come from?

Where did all those scary myths about black cats come from?

Where did all those myths about black cats come from, Thomasina? They make me scared of black cats.
— Nervous Nellie

Hey, Nellie!

Good question! I’ve often wondered where those scary myths about black cats came from, too. I’m mostly black (well, not really), and I’m not scary at all. Unless I’m angry about something. Then I’m really scary. Ask Belle about that.

Black Cats, Superstitions And Bad Luck

Why Cats Stare Into Space | It’s Not Because They’re Weird

Do all cats stare into space? I do! And while you might think I’m looking at nothing, you’d be surprised by what I see. 

Why cats stare into space

Does your cat stare into space?

Do all cats stare into space, Thomasina? Or is my cat just being weird when he sits perfectly still staring at nothing?

— Creeped Out Cat Mom

Hey, Creeped Out Cat Mom!

I guess it would be sort of creepy to a human to see a cat staring at what appears to be nothing. But when cats stare into space, we’re usually watching something that’s too tiny for a human to see. Or maybe your cat’s listening to something you can’t hear.

Remember, our vision is much better than yours is in low light. And, no offense, but our hearing is much better than yours is, too. 

Why Cats Stare Into Space

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? Not Just Because It’s Fun!

Why do cats insist on knocking things over? We have some good reasons for this. But we don’t do it just to annoy you! 
Why do cats knock things over?

Cats knock things over, but not just because it’s fun.

Why do cats knock things over, Thomasina? My cat is constantly swatting pictures and trinkets onto the floor.

— Annoyed

Hey, Annoyed!

I can see where constantly picking things up would get really tiresome. But your cat doesn’t mean to annoy you or be disrespectful. We just see things differently than you do, and sometimes cats knock things over because they’re in the way.

Your cat doesn’t realize your pictures and trinkets are arranged on a table because they look nice. If she wants to nap on the table, and they’re in her way, she’ll just push them aside. It doesn’t seem like a problem to her if they all land on the floor. 

Why Cats Knock Things Over

Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees? Not Because They’re Klutzes

When cats get stuck in trees, it’s not because we’re klutzes. Blame our claws, which are designed to go up, not down. I’ve put together some tips for helping a cat who’s stuck in a tree. Spoiler Alert: Don’t bother calling the fire department!

When cats get stuck in trees, blame their claws.

Is this cat stuck in the tree or just enjoying the view?

Why do cats get stuck in trees, Thomasina? It seems if they can get up, they could get down.
— Curious About Cats

Hi, Curious!

Cats are good at going up, but we’re not so great at coming down. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. For a cat, I’m sort of a klutz. But that’s not the reason why cats get stuck in trees.

Our bodies are designed to go forward, not backward. And while we like to climb up, we prefer to jump when it’s time to come down.

Why Cats Get Stuck In Trees

Today’s Purrl Of Wisdom

“Human beings are drawn to cats because they are all we are not — self-contained, elegant in everything they do, relaxed, assured, glad of company, yet still possessing secret lives.”
― Pam Brown