Five Ways To Get Cats To Play With Toys

Personally, my favorite toys are outside in the woods. But if you want to get cats to play with toys inside, I came up with these suggestions.

Getting cats to play with toys sometimes takes some effort

Do your cats play with their toys?

Thomasina, how do you get cats to play with toys? My cats have a gazillion toys, and they won’t play with any of them. 
— Frustrated

Hi, Frustrated…
Sometimes you have to think like a cat to get cats to play with their toys. To us, play is a lot like hunting, and the fun is in the thrill of the hunt. We love to watch, chase and pounce. Our prey, even if it’s just a toy, is supposed to scoot through the grass (or across the rug), not just lie there on the floor looking at us. That’s so boring.

If you’re ready to think like a cat, here are five ways to get cats to play with toys and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

You Can Get Cats To Play With Toys That Do Something

Today’s Purrl Of Wisdom

“A person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was gitting knowledge that was always going to be useful to him, and warn’t ever going to grow dim or doubtful.” 
― Mark TwainTom Sawyer Abroad

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much | The Importance Of The Cat Nap

Hate to say it, but I think it’s odd that humans wonder why cats sleep so much. We wonder why you sleep so little! We’re not lazy. It’s just that our lifestyle takes a lot of energy.

Why do cats sleep so much? Not because they're lazy!

Your cats don’t sleep a lot because they’re lazy!

Why do cats sleep so much, Thomasina? Mine sleeps all day and keeps me awake all night. He’s driving me crazy! 
— Sleep Deprived 

Hey, Sleep Deprived…
There’s a good reason why cats sleep so much, and I’ll try to tell you quickly. I’ve been very busy outside for the last hour or so, and I need a nap. I’m feeling sleep deprived myself!

Just Because Cats Sleep So Much Doesn’t Mean We’re Lazy

Why Are Cats Scared Of Vacuum Cleaners?

Why are cats scared of vacuum cleaners? Well, how would you feel if a huge machine was chasing you across the living room???


Most cats are scared of vacuum cleaners and hide when they hear one.

Do your cats hide when they hear the vacuum cleaner coming out?

Are cats scared of vacuum cleaners, Thomasina? My cats seem like they’re terrified of ours.
— Concerned 

Hey, Concerned!

I don’t think all cats are scared of vacuum cleaners. I’m not afraid of much of anything, and I think it’s great fun to swat at ours and stare it down. Of course, it’s not scared of me and just keeps coming, which is really annoying.

To understand why many cats are scared of vacuum cleaners, look at yours through your cat’s eyes.

They’re just a couple of feet tall, and this huge, noisy machine that’s much bigger than they are is heading in their direction. Of course they’re scared!

What To Do When Cats Are Scared Of Vacuum Cleaners

Cat Body Language Translated

Oh… you’re not fluent in catspeak? I put together this glossary of cat body language, so you can understand what your cat’s saying to you. 

This yawning cat isn't being rude. In cat body language, yawning means the cat is relaxed.

When your cat yawns, he’s not bored or being rude.

What does yawning mean in cat body language, Thomasina? When I have friends over, my cat yawns at them. Why is he so rude? They think he’s bored with them!

— Embarrassed 

Hey, Embarrassed…

I don’t think your cat’s bored. Most of us love watching humans. Some of the things you do are just so funny and cute. If we had cell phones, we’d be snapping pictures and posting them on Facebook and Instagram all day!

While humans communicate with words, we communicate mostly with body language. Cat body language isn’t that hard to understand when you know what you’re looking for. 

Cats yawn when they’re relaxed. Yawning sends a reassuring, non-threatening message. It’s one of the ways we say we’re comfortable with you and don’t want to fight. So your friends should be happy when your cat yawns at them. Would they yawn back? He’d be surprised and pleased that they speak his language. 

More Cat Body Language Translated

Do Cats Hate Being Petted?

I guess it’s true that some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it… in moderation.


Some cats hate being petted, but most love it.

Does your cat love a gentle pet on the head?

Thomasina, I just read about a study that says cats hate being petted. Is that true? I love petting my cats!
— Feeling Sad

Hi Feeling Sad!
I guess some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it. And my human typist just looked at the study that says cats hate being petted and found out nearly everyone who reported on it misunderstood. Phew… That’s a relief. I didn’t think that sounded right.

Every cat is different, and some like being touched more than others. I love being scratched under my chin, but don’t touch my back! Here are some things I’d suggest when petting your cats.

Make Your Cat Love Being Petted

Are Cats Afraid Of The Wind?

I don’t think many cats are afraid of the wind. But we do find it really annoying!


Are cats afraid of the wind? But they tend to crouch down low because it annoys them

Could this cat be trying to get out of the wind?

Are cats afraid of the wind, Thomasina? It was very windy yesterday, and my outside cat spent the entire day in his shelter.
— Concerned

Hi, Concerned…
Ugh… I hate windy days. Cats aren’t afraid of the wind, but it’s really annoying. The howling wind sounds much louder to us than it does to you, and it can actually make our ears hurt. And it drowns out everything, so we can’t hear as well as we like to when we’re outside.

I don’t think your boy was scared. He was just staying curled up in his shelter where it was quiet and little pebbles and bits of dirt weren’t blowing in his face.


Do Cats See Red?

It’s a myth that we’re colorblind. But it’s also not true that cats see red, and the color makes us angry. Keep reading to find about the wonders of cat eyes and the beautiful shades that color our world.


Do cats see red? Red is one of the colors they can't see so it doesn't make them angry.

If your cat’s angry with you, it’s not because you’re wearing red!

Do cats see red, Thomasina? I was wearing red socks the other day, and my cat went crazy and attacked my foot.


Hey Bruised!
Ouch! I’m sorry your cat attacked your foot. He must have been very confused about something. But I don’t think he literally saw red and freaked out.

In answer to your question, cats don’t really see red. Our world is lovely pastel shades — we see colors in the
purple, blue, green and yellow ranges. But we lack the cones in our eyes to see red, orange and brown. To us, they appear in shades of gray, although we can sometimes tell the 
difference between red and green, red and blue, red and gray, green and blue, green and gray, blue and gray, yellow and blue and yellow and gray.

Why Cats Don’t See Red