Nine Unusual Christmas Gifts For Cats

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It’s true, cats are creatures of habit. But on the holidays, we enjoy something a little different instead of the same old, same old. If your cats have tons of toys, I’ve made a list of unusual Christmas gifts for cats they’ll love. Check it out to see super-cute whisker friendly dishes, unique cat beds that will look great in your living room and more. 


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Although not an unusual Christmas gift for cats, the favorite might be a brand new box.

“All we want for Christmas is a fresh new box.”

Can you suggest any unusual Christmas gifts for cats, Thomasina? I get my cats the same things every year, and I think they’re getting bored. — Hopeful Cat Mom 

Hi, Hopeful Cat Mom…

Actually, the best Christmas gifts for cats at our house are the boxes our presents come in. But if you’re like us, you probably have lots of those already.

We’ve been looking online for unusual Christmas gifts for cats and found some things we really want. Here’s the list we made for our human. Of course, Soda will just sleep on top of the boxes (he likes to sleep on them, not in them), but that’s another story.

I hope you see something you and your cats love.

1. The Boss Cat Bed

I really want this! I like to sleep curled up in a ball in our powder room sink, and this would be so much warmer and more comfortable. And the name fits. I am the boss! The other cool thing is that it swivels, so I could turn to the right to see our human, left to watch Pepsi swat things that were in her way off a table and backwards to make sure nothing was lurking behind us.

The bed is made of ABS resin and has a breathable fiber lining. It’s 16”x15.5”x14.5” and 9” in diameter. The anti-skid silicone design prevents sliding and overturning.  

2. Hammock Cat Bed

Soda wants this because he likes to sleep curled up in a ball, too. He’d need the beige though because pink wouldn’t go well with his bright orange fur. In either color, this bed would look great in your living room or office.

Most cats prefer to sleep off the floor. And at 15.7 inches high, this bed is easy for older cats to get into while still feeling safe because they’re off the ground. The other dimensions are 17.7″ long x 17.7″ wide. It holds animals up to 22 pounds. 

The metal frame has plastic foot pads to keep it from sliding. And the plush hammock is attached to the frame with powerful Velcro around the entire circle, so it’s stable but easy to remove for washing. Tip: Don’t use detergent when you wash the hammock. If it doesn’t smell like your cat, he might not want to use it.

3. Cute Tilted Cat Face Bowl

Wouldn’t this look just too cute in your kitchen! And it will make your cat a neater eater.

We love raised bowls so we don’t have to bend down so far to eat out of bowls on the floor. That helps our digestion and can reduce vomiting. And the other thing I love about this bowl is that it’s tilted so no wet food will get stuck along the sides where the cat can’t reach it. It’s whisker-friendly, too, and that’s really important. 

The bowl is made of durable, earth-friendly ceramic. At five inches wide, it’s whisker-friendly. It’s 3.6 inches high in the back and 2.1 inches high in the front. The base is 5 inches wide and has a non-slip bottom. You can put the bowl in the dishwasher and microwave. 

4. Pretty Print Pedestal Bowl And Placemat

Here’s something really unusual. And it’s so pretty. I can see six of these lined up in a neat row in our kitchen. Tip: If your cats all eat in the same room, make sure there are several inches between dishes. Like humans, we like some elbow room when we eat.

This bowl is made of porcelain ceramic material and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It’s 4.1 inches high in the back and 3.1 inches in the front. We love tilted bowls like this one because our wet food doesn’t get stuck in the back where we can’t reach it. And the pedestal is nice because we don’t have to bend down so far to reach our food. That helps our digestion and prevents vomiting, too. 

5. Beastie Bands Feather-Weight Collar

Your cat might wonder why you’re giving him a collar for Christmas. But he’ll thank you when you swap out his old collar for this one. Muffitt and I have this pattern. It’s white with orange Monarch Butterflies. But there are so many cute patterns to choose from.

The collar is made from stretchy Neoprene and is so narrow and light, your cat will forget it’s there. It measures 0.38 inches by 0.15 inches x 12.5 inches and can be cut to size with scissors. But the thing our human really likes about it is the Velcro closure so she can fit our collars perfectly.  We’ve had our collars for two years, and the Velcro is still holding tight. But if we got caught on something, the collar would pull off.

Even if your cat stays in, he should be microchipped and wear a collar. If he gets out, people won’t see the chip, but the collar will tell them he has a home and someone is looking for him. 

6. The Perfect Litter Box

Your cat cat will probably think a litter box is an unusual Christmas gift for cats too. But after he uses it just once, he might think it’s the best gift ever, especially if he’s older. We have seven boxes, including some big, roomy storage boxes with very low sides, and this is our favorite.

The box comes in several colors and measures 24 inches x 20 inches x 5 inches. The low front makes it easy to get in and out, even if the cat has mobility issues. Inside, it’s big enough to move around and dig in the litter. We love Okocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter because it’s so soft underfoot, has a nice woodsy smell and makes very hard clumps so our boxes are always neat.  

7. Fun Feeder Looks And Feels Like A Mouse

These feeders are so much fun. We have a great time hunting with them when the weather’s bad and we’re stuck inside.

The feeder skin feels like a mouse, and cats can grab it, claw it and use their teeth as if they were really hunting. Pieces of dry food fall out as they swat the mouse around.

The feeder is made of BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe. The skin is nylon/rayon fibers and can be machine washed and tumbled dry. The mice measure 1.97 inches x 7.68 inches x 9.45 inches. I’ve never measured a real mouse, but I’ll bet they’re about the same size. 

8. Corrugated Cardboard Scratcher

We really want this! It’ll look so cute in our living room where that big chair is now. And I can see all six of us hanging out together in our own little house. Belle would get the roof because she gets scared easily and needs to be up high. The floor would be Pepsi’s because she’s big and sort of klutzy. The top perch would be mine, of course, because I am the top cat.

Many cats (I’m one of them) prefer corrugated cardboard scratching pads to posts. When we’re stretching and scratching, the cardboard feels like the bark of a tree. This house is 33 inches x 17.72 inches x 22.83 inches. The dense corrugated scratch surface is double-walled and has varying thicknesses to make it more durable. The house gets good reviews on Amazon for durability.

Tip: Whatever kind of corrugated scratching pad you buy, make sure it’s long and wide enough for your cat to stretch, scratch and nap. The narrow ones take up a bit less space but are really too small for adult cats. 

9. Silver Vine Fish

We want these, too! We’ll need three packs though since there are six of us and we don’t like to share our toys. We love our catnip Hot Cats and Yeowww Catnip Pollock Fish. But silver vine is the best, and we’ll have so much fun with these.

The fish are stuffed with 100 percent organic, wild-growing silver vine. They’re made of organic wool, which feels like plush. The fish are 12 inches long, just the right size for kicking, hugging and swatting around the floor. And they have zippers, so you can refill them when the silver vine loses it’s punch.

Happy Holidays From Our House To Yours!

If you’ll excuse me, Hopeful Cat Mom, I need to get going now. Everyone’s outside waiting for the Amazon driver to come. The boxes the driver brings will all be for us. They’ll either be food or unusual Christmas gifts for cats from our list. Soda’s looking forward to sitting on the boxes. I hope you enjoyed my list and you and your cats have a fun and very happy holiday season.

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