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Do you think it’s odd that cats follow people into the bathroom? Trust me. We have some very good reasons for doing that.

Cats have good reasons for following people into the bathroom.

Cats have good reasons for following people into the bathroom.

Why do cats follow people into the bathroom, Thomasina? I respect my cat’s privacy. Why can’t he respect mine? 
— Annoyed

Hey, Annoyed! 

Good question about why cats follow people into the bathroom. I love 

one of our bathrooms and sleep in the sink all the time. Speaking of annoying… It’s really annoying when our human comes in and turns on the light. She always wakes me up! 

While it might seem odd to you that cats follow people into the bathroom, it makes perfect sense to the cats. Here are a few reasons why cats follow people into the bathroom.

    • We feel very vulnerable when we’re… well… umm… you know… Maybe your cat thinks you’re vulnerable, too, and wants to protect you.
    • Or maybe your cat feels vulnerable because you’re not available to protect him so he wants to be nearby. (That makes absolutely no sense to me. But my human typist found it somewhere and decided to include it.)
    • If you spend a lot of time with your computer and phone, the bathroom is one place where your cat gets your undivided attention.
    • Sometimes we like cool places, and the bathroom floor is always cool. We also love cozy places, and many bathrooms are small and very cozy. 

  • If you close the door, your cat just wants to know what you’re doing in there. For all he knows, you have a whole bag of treats that you’re going to eat all by yourself. We always like to be in on the action, even if the action turns out to be sort of boring.
  • We love our daily routines. And in the morning, your cat, like you, sort of puts himself on autopilot. The two of you wake up, get out of bed, go into the bathroom… After you’re done in the bathroom, he’s probably expecting breakfast. And no, you don’t get to make coffee first! 

At our house, Katie and Honey follow our human into the bathroom. Honey has a special toy that she likes to play with in the tub. And Katie likes to rub around our human’s legs while she’s brushing her teeth. Talk about annoying… I can’t sleep in my sink when she’s brushing her teeth!

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