How’s That Quarantining With Your Cat Working Out?

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How’s that quarantining with your cat working out? Oh… did you say it’s not? Are you losing patience with each other? Here are some suggestions to get through these difficult times together and still be close friends.


Quarantining with your cat isn't easy, especially when your cat, like this one wants to be with you all the time.

There’s nothing better than a quick nap on your human’s hand while he’s trying to work.

Quarantining with my cat is not working out, Thomasina. First, she wants to go out. Then she wants to come right back in. She’s constantly asking for food. And she needs to be on my lap while I’m trying to work. The other day, she photobombed a meeting with my boss. She’s driving me crazy! Any suggestions? — Losing Patience

Hi Losing Patience…

Ha! If our human had a boss, I would definitely photobomb their meetings! Oh, I’m sorry. I know you and your boss didn’t think it was funny.  And I realize quarantining with your cat isn’t easy. Fortunately, our human always works at home, so we’ve worked things out so we can coexist without annoying each other.

Seeing Quarantining Your Cat's Way

I imagine you have a daily routine. Cats do, too! But humans are a bit more flexible than cats are. We prize our daily routine above almost everything else. And when something disrupts it, we get very upset.

Having you home all day every day is a major disruption to your cat’s routine. No wonder she’s being more demanding than usual. She’s just trying to figure out the new order of things. But maybe you are, too!

Seven Suggestions For Happily Quarantining With Your Cat

Here are seven suggestions that could help you and your cat quarantine happily together.

1. Establish a routine that both of you can live with. Yours is almost as important as hers so she’ll know what to expect. Try to get up, eat and go to bed at about the same time every day. Try to feed her at the same time every day, too.

2. Respect her schedule. Most cats like to nap in the afternoon. When she’s taking her afternoon nap, don’t disturb her. Let her

3. Also, try to establish an indoor/outdoor schedule. Maybe it could be similar to the one she had when you were going to the office. Unless it’s raining or freezing cold, she doesn’t need to go out and come right in a gazillion times a day. If you leave her out a bit longer than she wants to stay, she’ll figure out that your sole purpose in life is not to open and close the door for her. If she’s really insistent on coming and going whenever she wants to, maybe you could leave the door open just enough for a cat to fit through so she can make her own decisions. Our human does that for us sometimes.

4. If she follows you into the kitchen when you’re in the mood for a snack, give her a little something, too. A bite of wet food or a pile of treats should make her happy.

5. Maybe you could put a cat bed on your desk or beside you where you’re working. Reach over and pet her when you stop typing to think. She’ll probably be happy to be near you in the bed instead of on you or your keyboard.

6. I imagine your cat’s not the only one to photobomb meetings. Your coworkers’ cats, dogs and children probably do, too. But you can avoid this by putting her outside or in a room until the meeting’s over. Just apologize for putting her out or in a room and tell her she won’t have to stay there long. If you put her in a room, give her some food or treats to keep her busy.

7. Set aside some play and cuddle time with her when you first get up. Then have breakfast together. When you leave the kitchen, tell her you’ll see her in a while. She’ll know it’s time for you to start work.

I hope this helps, Losing Patience. If you’ll excuse me. I have to get on my way now. Our human is FaceTiming with her grandchildren, and I have to walk in front of her phone. They think that’s so funny, and their cats do it, too!


Thomasina believes she’s uniquely qualified to give humans advice about cats. “It takes one to know one,” she says. Read more about Thomasina.

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