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The Woes Of Wet Fur – Why Cats Hate Getting Wet

Have you heard that cats hate getting wet? We do, and not just because it’s uncomfortable

Most cats hate getting wet.

Most cats hate getting wet.

Is it true that cats hate getting wet, Thomasina? I’d like to give my kittens a bath but I don’t want to upset them. 
New Cat Mom

Hi New Cat Mom!
Hope you’re having fun with your kittens! Yes, it’s true that most cats hate getting wet. I certainly do!

Wet fur makes us cold (think about how you feel when you first get out of the shower). And it slows us down because it weighs more when it’s wet and soggy. Another reason cats hate getting wet it that wet fur makes us smell different. Heavy rain or a bath washes away all the familiar scents that we live with all the time, and that’s very upsetting.

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