How Cats Speak With Their Eyes

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Do cats speak with their eyes? We do! I put together a catspeak glossary for you, so you can look into your cat’s eyes and see what she’s saying.

Cats speak with their eyes.

What is your cat saying with her eyes?

Can cats speak with their eyes, Thomasina? Sometimes my cat looks at me with so much affection, I feel like she’s saying “I love you.” 
— Curious

Hi Curious…

Ohhh… Lucky you! Yes, cats speak with their eyes, and some of us have a special look to tell our humans we love them. I don’t though. Not all of us are that… ummm… demonstrative (How do you like that word? My human typist came up with it).

Your cat can tell you all kinds of important things with her eyes. I did this translation for you.

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How Cats Speak With Their Eyes

    • That soft, sleepy look really can be a way of saying “I love you.” Look deep into your cat’s eyes, and let your heart connect with hers. You’ll be saying you love her, too.

    • You know that slow blink she does sometimes? That’s catspeak for “I trust you and want to be your friend.” It can also be another way of saying she loves you.

    • Wide open eyes are a sign of trust and friendship, too.

    • If your cat’s eyes are half closed, she might or might not be falling asleep, but she’s certainly relaxed and content.

    • Does your cat wink at you? Some humans call that a kitty kiss. Your cat’s telling you she’s in a good mood and would really love some attention.

    • Watch the direction of your cat’s gaze. She might be showing you something very interesting.

  • Beware of an unblinking stare. Those stares are fighting words for cats, and it’s best to stay away. And don’t look your cat straight in the eye. She’ll think you’re the one who wants to fight!

  • When your cat squints, she could be telling you she wants attention. But more likely, she’s afraid of something and is trying to protect her eyes from a possible attack.

  • When the pupils of our eyes contract into slits, we could be saying we’re excited about something or surprised. But our eyes contract into slits when we’re angry or afraid, too, so be careful. You don’t want to get too close to an angry or frightened cat!

  • Dilated pupils that look like big black pools say we’re ready to fight or run away. But know your cat, because they can also be a sign of pain.

Here’s more catspeak translated.

I’m so glad you asked this question! Your cat understands your language, and now you can understand hers. I’m sending both of you some slow blinks, and you know what they mean.

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