Do Cats Know When It’s Going To Rain?

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Do cats know when it’s going to rain? Yes, we do! Keep reading to find out how we predict the weather.

How do cats know it's going to rain?

Do your cats know when it’s going to rain?

Do cats know when it’s going to rain, Thomasina? My cat always asks to come in just before a storm comes.
— Just Curious

Hi Just Curious,

Yes, we know when it’s going to rain! When the cats in my family feel those changes in the air, we all head for home as fast as we can.

It’s not just that we hate being wet. The real problem with a heavy rainstorm is that it changes all the familiar scents that keep us from getting lost.

It makes it hard for us to see, too, so we can easily miss all the claw marks we’ve so carefully made in tree trunks and fence posts to help us find our way home. And rain acts as what you humans call white noise, so we can’t hear as well as we’d like to when we’re outside.

How Cats Know When It’s Going To Rain

Cats are believed to be such good weather forecasters, fishermen and sailors have been calling on us to predict the weather when we’re at sea with them for hundreds of years. No one has really figured out how cats know when it’s going to rain, but experts think we sense changes in the barometric pressure or notice changes in the bioelectric field or shifts in ionization.

My human typist just told me that, and I have no idea what it means. I just know I feel different when there’s about to be a storm, and I can smell the rain coming from miles away.

It’s really best for your cats to be inside when there’s a heavy rainstorm so they don’t get lost. I got lost when I first moved here, and it wasn’t even raining. I was so scared! I hope that never happens again!

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