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Defensive Sleeping | Why Cats Sleep Curled Up

Why do cats sleep curled up in a ball? We have our reasons! This might surprise you, but one of them is safety.

One reason cats sleep curled up in a ball is safety

Is your cat’s favorite position sleeping cured up in a ball?

Why do cats sleep curled up in a ball, Thomasina? Isn’t that uncomfortable?
— Concerned Cat Mom

Hi Concerned!

Don’t worry. Your cat’s fine sleeping curled up in a ball. And when she starts to feel uncomfortable, she can always stretch out!

I lived outside for a long time before I moved in here, so I guess I’m a defensive sleeper. I feel warm and safe sleeping curled up in a ball with my very fluffy tail covering my eyes. Believe it or not, my favorite place to sleep is a round sink. It’s just the right shape and size.

Why Cats Sleep Curled Up

How To Choose The Perfect Cat Bed

Choosing the perfect cat bed can be tricky. Some cats like hard surfaces and some prefer cushy soft ones. My favorite place to sleep in the powder room sink!


For some cats, the perfect cat bed is a basket

Most cats consider a basket the perfect cat bed.

What do you consider the perfect cat bed, Thomasina? I want to get my cat a new bed, but there are so many choices, I can’t decide. 
— Confused

Hi Confused…
For me, the perfect cat bed is the one that looks like a little cave. I have other beds, but that’s my favorite because I can curl up all the way in the back and no one even knows I’m there. It has a soft cushion, too, but it’s not so soft I get swallowed up in fluff.

Cat beds can be tricky. They have to be just the right size and shape. And, believe it or not, they can’t be too soft. If the bed is too soft, we could get stuck in all that padding and not be able to get away quickly if we had to.

Choosing The Perfect Cat Bed