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Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees? Not Because They’re Klutzes

When cats get stuck in trees, it’s not because we’re klutzes. Blame our claws, which are designed to go up, not down. I’ve put together some tips for helping a cat who’s stuck in a tree. Spoiler Alert: Don’t bother calling the fire department!

When cats get stuck in trees, blame their claws.

Is this cat stuck in the tree or just enjoying the view?

Why do cats get stuck in trees, Thomasina? It seems if they can get up, they could get down.
— Curious About Cats

Hi, Curious!

Cats are good at going up, but we’re not so great at coming down. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. For a cat, I’m sort of a klutz. But that’s not the reason why cats get stuck in trees.

Our bodies are designed to go forward, not backward. And while we like to climb up, we prefer to jump when it’s time to come down.

Why Cats Get Stuck In Trees