The Best Cat Training Treats And Nine Ways To Use Them

The Best Cat Training Treats And Nine Ways To Use Them

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What are the best cat training treats? That depends on the cat! You could train me to do almost anything with Shrimply Shrimp Temptations. Take it from me, once you find your cats’ favorite, treats are a great way to train and motivate them.

The best cat training Treats depend on the cat.

The best cat training treats depend on the cat!

What are the best cat training treats, Thomasina? I’d like to teach my cat to do tricks!

— Tricky Cat Mom

Hi Tricky Cat Mom…

I’d do almost anything for my fav Temptations treats, but jumping through hoops isn’t one of them! But if your cat’s more willing to cooperate than I am, teaching him tricks is one of the ways to use cat treats. I understand clicker training works really well, too. 

Nine Ways To Use Cat Treats

Cats And The Power Of The Spray Bottle

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Does spraying a cat with water work? Ummm… If you want him to be afraid of you, sure, it works great. But there are more effective ways to keep him away from places where you think he doesn’t belong.


Spraying a cat with water and getting him soaking wet is never a good idea.

Spraying your cat with water is a good way to make him afraid of you.

Does spraying a cat with water work, Thomasina? My cat insists on getting on the sofa. I spray him with a spray bottle, and he does it anyway. And to make things worse, now he seems to be afraid of me. What’s wrong with him????
— Frustrated

Hi Frustrated…

I’m sorry you and your cat are upset with each other. Spraying a cat with water rarely works out the way the humans want it to.

Really, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your cat. But he must be wondering what’s wrong with you! He has no idea why you keep aiming that weapon at him and getting him soaking wet when all he’s doing is trying to take a nap.

Cats don’t have a strong sense of personal property the way humans do. We think of things as “ours,” not “yours” and “mine.” So when you’re not using the sofa, your cat doesn’t see any reason why he can’t sleep on it.

Maybe you could give him his own little corner of the couch. If you put a soft throw or cat bed in the spot that’s okay for him to use, he’ll probably sleep there, especially if you sprinkle his special place with catnip.

Why The Spraying A Cat With Water Theory Is All Wet