Cats In Hot Weather | Five Surprising Ways They Keep Their Cool

How The Weather Affects Cat Behavior

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Does the weather affect your behavior? It affects ours! When winter’s coming, we eat more. And the weather affects cat behavior in other ways, too.


The changing weather affects cat behavior

Have you noticed how the changing weather affects cat behavior?

I heard that the changing weather affects cat behavior, Thomasina. Is that true?

— Curious
Hi Curious…
Good question! The weather definitely affects cat behavior. It certainly affects mine. Now that the days are getting shorter, I feel like I want to eat nonstop! 
One way cold weather affects cat behavior is that we have to eat more because we need extra energy to keep warm. That’s as true of cats who stay inside all the time as it is of cats who go out or live outside. 

How The Weather Affects Cats’ Appetites

Do Cats Know When It’s Going To Rain?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do cats know when it’s going to rain? Yes, we do! Keep reading to find out how we predict the weather.

How do cats know it's going to rain?

Do your cats know when it’s going to rain?

Do cats know when it’s going to rain, Thomasina? My cat always asks to come in just before a storm comes.
— Just Curious

Hi Just Curious,

Yes, we know when it’s going to rain! When the cats in my family feel those changes in the air, we all head for home as fast as we can.

It’s not just that we hate being wet. The real problem with a heavy rainstorm is that it changes all the familiar scents that keep us from getting lost.

It makes it hard for us to see, too, so we can easily miss all the claw marks we’ve so carefully made in tree trunks and fence posts to help us find our way home. And rain acts as what you humans call white noise, so we can’t hear as well as we’d like to when we’re outside.

How Cats Know When It’s Going To Rain