Do Cats Like Music? It Depends On The Music

Do Cats Like Music? It Depends On The Music

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Do cats like music? I guess it depends on the music… and the cat. I love to hear singing birds and rustling leaves. They’re music to my ears. 

Do cats like music, Thomasina? I’m thinking about leaving the radio on for my cat when he’s inside, and I’m going to be gone all day.

— Music Lover

Hey, Music Lover!

Some cats like music and some don’t. And a lot of it depends on the music and how loud it is.

Baithoven’s Fifth Symphony (Oops! Sorry I got your name wrong, Mr. B. I guess that’s why cats have human typists) could be a bit much for him because it gets really loud. We’re listening to it now, and it’s hurting my ears. But something quiet might be okay. Some cats like soft classical music. Or at least quiet music doesn’t annoy them or hurt their ears. 

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