How To Choose The Perfect Cat Bed

How To Choose The Perfect Cat Bed

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Choosing the perfect cat bed can be tricky. Some cats like hard surfaces and some prefer cushy soft ones. My favorite place to sleep in the powder room sink!


For some cats, the perfect cat bed is a basket

Most cats consider a basket the perfect cat bed.

What do you consider the perfect cat bed, Thomasina? I want to get my cat a new bed, but there are so many choices, I can’t decide. 
— Confused

Hi Confused…
For me, the perfect cat bed is the one that looks like a little cave. I have other beds, but that’s my favorite because I can curl up all the way in the back and no one even knows I’m there. It has a soft cushion, too, but it’s not so soft I get swallowed up in fluff.

Cat beds can be tricky. They have to be just the right size and shape. And, believe it or not, they can’t be too soft. If the bed is too soft, we could get stuck in all that padding and not be able to get away quickly if we had to.

Choosing The Perfect Cat Bed

Your Cat’s Litter Box | Creating The Perfect Potty

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Trust me on this. The location and style of your cat’s litter box are two of the most important decisions you’ll make. Try to think like a cat, and you’ll get it right!


Your cat's litter box shouldn't have a top.

Your cat’s litter box should be open, not completely covered like this one.

Do you have any advice about my cat’s litter box, Thomasina? I recently bought this one, and he won’t use it! He either waits to go outside, or he goes on top of the box, not in it. I thought he’d love the privacy. Doesn’t privacy matter to cats?
— Disappointed 

Hey, Disappointed!
Eeeuuu… I wouldn’t use that box either! Your cat’s litter box is so important, and that one would be like diving into a Porta Potty headfirst. Eeeuuu…

Oh. Sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings!

To answer your question about your cat’s litter box, we don’t really care about privacy. After all, we’re just doing what comes naturally. That human need for privacy doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. All we want is a quiet peaceful place where we won’t get jumped by another animal or chased by a human.

Your Cat’s Perfect Litter Box

Five Ways To Get Cats To Play With Toys

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Personally, my favorite toys are outside in the woods. But if you want to get cats to play with toys inside, I came up with these suggestions.

Getting cats to play with toys sometimes takes some effort

Do your cats play with their toys?

Thomasina, how do you get cats to play with toys? My cats have a gazillion toys, and they won’t play with any of them. 
— Frustrated

Hi, Frustrated…
Sometimes you have to think like a cat to get cats to play with their toys. To us, play is a lot like hunting, and the fun is in the thrill of the hunt. We love to watch, chase and pounce. Our prey, even if it’s just a toy, is supposed to scoot through the grass (or across the rug), not just lie there on the floor looking at us. That’s so boring.

If you’re ready to think like a cat, here are five ways to get cats to play with toys and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

You Can Get Cats To Play With Toys That Do Something

Do Cats Hate Being Petted?

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I guess it’s true that some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it… in moderation.


Some cats hate being petted, but most love it.

Does your cat love a gentle pet on the head?

Thomasina, I just read about a study that says cats hate being petted. Is that true? I love petting my cats!
— Feeling Sad

Hi Feeling Sad!
I guess some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it. And my human typist just looked at the study that says cats hate being petted and found out nearly everyone who reported on it misunderstood. Phew… That’s a relief. I didn’t think that sounded right.

Every cat is different, and some like being touched more than others. I love being scratched under my chin, but don’t touch my back! Here are some things I’d suggest when petting your cats.

Make Your Cat Love Being Petted