Do some of the things your cats do seem, well, just plain weird. Thomasina shares her expert purrls of wisdom on cat behavior and why cats do the things they do from a cat's point of view.

Study Proves Cats Know Their Names

Your Cat’s Name Says It All | How To Name A Cat

What’s in a cat’s name? More than you might think! I actually like my name. And it makes me feel good about myself, even if it is a bit long. 

A cat's name says it all.

What’s in a cat’s name? More than you may think!

Is it okay to change a cat’s name, Thomasina? I recently adopted a cat named Stinky. She must hate that name! 
— Hopeful

Hi Hopeful!

Oh, yes… Please change your cat’s name! No wonder she looks so sad in her picture. Who would want to be called Stinky for 18 or 20 years?

To be honest, I’ve never heard that word, and I don’t know what it means. But I could tell by the way my human typist said it when she read your email to me that it’s not good.

What’s In A (Cat’s) Name?