Does Yelling Scare Cats?

Does Yelling Scare Cats?

Does yelling scare cats? It scares me! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.


Most of the time, yelling scares cats.

Yelling at your kids could scare your cat.

Does yelling scare cats, Thomasina? I yelled at my kids the other day, and now my cat is terrified of me. Why??? I wasn’t yelling at him! I love my cat! I would never yell at him.
— Sad and Confused

Hi Sad and Confused…
I’m sorry your cat’s so upset. Yes, yelling at your kids scares your cat! But he won’t be scared forever.

I was about to say we’re not mind readers. But really, sometimes we are. We pick up on our humans’ thoughts and emotions. And sometimes we know what you’re thinking almost before you do.

But yelling at kids scares cats because it’s a bit different. Your cat could tell you were angry with somebody, and for all he knew that somebody was him. So he figured it was best to just lay low and stay out of the way until you calmed down. He was probably so confused.

Licking The Hand That Feeds You | Why Cats Lick People

I hope you’re not insulted by this, but one reason cats lick people and other cats is to get them clean. Of course, we lick out of love, too!


One reason cats lick people is to get them clean.

Many cats lick people they love.

Why do cats lick people, Thomasina? My cat licks my hands all the time. Does that mean she loves me?
— Curious Cat Mom

Hey, Curious!
Cats lick people for a few reasons, and one of them is love!

Sometimes being around a human we like and trust brings out the mom cat in us, too. Just like our mothers licked us when we were kittens to keep us clean, some cats lick people to get all that invisible (to you) dirt off.

Cats Lick People With Invisible Sponges

Do Cats Hate Being Petted?

I guess it’s true that some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it… in moderation.


Some cats hate being petted, but most love it.

Does your cat love a gentle pet on the head?

Thomasina, I just read about a study that says cats hate being petted. Is that true? I love petting my cats!
— Feeling Sad

Hi Feeling Sad!
I guess some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it. And my human typist just looked at the study that says cats hate being petted and found out nearly everyone who reported on it misunderstood. Phew… That’s a relief. I didn’t think that sounded right.

Every cat is different, and some like being touched more than others. I love being scratched under my chin, but don’t touch my back! Here are some things I’d suggest when petting your cats.

Make Your Cat Love Being Petted