Do some of the things your cats do seem, well, just plain weird. Thomasina shares her expert purrls of wisdom on cat behavior and why cats do the things they do from a cat's point of view.

Our Cats’ Pet Peeves | 14 Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

Our Cats’ Pet Peeves | 14 Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

You know that disgusted look on your cat’s face? I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but there are some things humans do that cats hate. I’ve made this list so you can avoid annoying your cat, at least some of the time. 


This cat looks so disgusted. Maybe her human is doing one of the things cats hate.

Sometimes you can tell by the look on your cat’s face if your doing one of the things cats hate.

Can humans do things cats hate, Thomasina? The other night, I gave mine a big hug and got scratched! Why would he do that? I thought he loved me!
— Hurt

Hey, Hurt!

I’m so sorry about the scratch. Unfortunately, humans can do things cats hate. And for some of us, hugging is one of them. If you gave me a hug, I’d scratch, too. Many of us aren’t big on huge human arms squishing us until our ribs ache.

I’m sure your cat loves you a lot. But there are some things humans do that annoy us so much. Picking us up is one of them. We feel safer when our feet are planted firmly on the ground, not suspended in midair. Hugging can actually hurt and makes getting picked up even worse.

14 Things Cats Hate

Respect Your Cat Day? It’s March 28 — And Every Day

It's Respect Your Cat Day

How will you celebrate Respect Your Cat Day?

Did you know March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day, Thomasina? Will your family be doing anything special? 
— Curious

Hey, Curious!

Wait a minute! Respect Your Cat Day is March 28??? I thought every day was Respect Your Cat Day! It should be!

I don’t think we’ll be doing anything
special here. Our human can be bossy sometimes, and she’s a bit overprotective. But no one’s perfect, and we know how much she respects us. She says she admires us, too, and we really like that!

So if you’re curious, these are some ways our human makes every day Respect Your Cat Day at our house. She’s learned a lot from us and other cats she knows!

We Make Every Day Respect Your Cat Day

Do Cats Bond With Their People?

Do cats bond with their people? That depends on the cat! Some of us love our people (I do!) and some, not so much.

Most cats bond with people, although some do it in subtle ways.

Do cats bond with their people, Thomasina? I’m thinking about adopting a cat, but I want a close friend, not just another body in the house. Would I be happier with a dog?
— Undecided

Hi Undecided! 

Wow. That’s a difficult decision to make. I guess it depends on what you really want in a companion. But to answer your first question, despite what you might have heard about us, most cats bond with their people. We can be sort of subtle about it though. So that bond might not be quite what you expect.

When Cats Bond With Their People

Friends We’re Not | Why Cats Go To People Who Don’t Like Them

Why do cats go to people who don’t like them? It’s not because we’re trying to win you over! 

Why do cats go to people who don't like them?

When cats go to people who don’t like them, they’re not try to win them over!

Why do cats go to people who don’t like them, Thomasina? No insult, but I don’t like cats. So why do they come to me instead of people who love them?
— Annoyed

Hi Annoyed!
I’m not insulted at all. There’s actually a good reason why some cats go to people who don’t like them. And I realize there are people don’t like cats, and some cats don’t like people, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

I like almost everybody!

To answer your question about why cats go to people who don’t like them, instinct tells us to be very cautious around people we don’t know. So when cat lovers tromp right up to us and start petting away, we’re beyond alarmed and leave as fast as we can. No insult to them, but we appreciate having some time to get acquainted before a total stranger starts smothering us in affection.

Why Cats Go To People Who Don’t Like Them

Why Do Cats Rub Around People’s Legs?

Why do cats rub around people’s legs? It’s all about pheromones and mingling our scent with yours.


Cats rub around people's legs to mingle scents.

When your cats rub your legs, they’re mingling their scent with yours.

Why do cats rub around people’s legs, Thomasina? Does that mean my cat loves me?
— Flattered

Hi, Flattered!
Ohhh… how nice! Cats do rub around people’s legs to show they love them. I guess… Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Did you know we have scent glands in our cheeks, foreheads, chins, the base of our tails and our paw pads? So when cats rub people’s legs, they’re making their people smell like them. That’s a way of showing love, I guess, or at least possession.

Why Cats Rub People’s Legs: The Power Of Pheromones


Does Yelling Scare Cats?

Does yelling scare cats? It scares me! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.


Most of the time, yelling scares cats.

Yelling at your kids could scare your cat.

Does yelling scare cats, Thomasina? I yelled at my kids the other day, and now my cat is terrified of me. Why??? I wasn’t yelling at him! I love my cat! I would never yell at him.
— Sad and Confused

Hi Sad and Confused…
I’m sorry your cat’s so upset. Yes, yelling at your kids scares your cat! But he won’t be scared forever.

I was about to say we’re not mind readers. But really, sometimes we are. We pick up on our humans’ thoughts and emotions. And sometimes we know what you’re thinking almost before you do.

But yelling at kids scares cats because it’s a bit different. Your cat could tell you were angry with somebody, and for all he knew that somebody was him. So he figured it was best to just lay low and stay out of the way until you calmed down. He was probably so confused.

Licking The Hand That Feeds You | Why Cats Lick People

I hope you’re not insulted by this, but one reason cats lick people and other cats is to get them clean. Of course, we lick out of love, too!


One reason cats lick people is to get them clean.

Many cats lick people they love.

Why do cats lick people, Thomasina? My cat licks my hands all the time. Does that mean she loves me?
— Curious Cat Mom

Hey, Curious!
Cats lick people for a few reasons, and one of them is love!

Sometimes being around a human we like and trust brings out the mom cat in us, too. Just like our mothers licked us when we were kittens to keep us clean, some cats lick people to get all that invisible (to you) dirt off.

Cats Lick People With Invisible Sponges

Do Cats Hate Being Petted?

I guess it’s true that some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it… in moderation.


Some cats hate being petted, but most love it.

Does your cat love a gentle pet on the head?

Thomasina, I just read about a study that says cats hate being petted. Is that true? I love petting my cats!
— Feeling Sad

Hi Feeling Sad!
I guess some cats hate being petted. But most of us love it. And my human typist just looked at the study that says cats hate being petted and found out nearly everyone who reported on it misunderstood. Phew… That’s a relief. I didn’t think that sounded right.

Every cat is different, and some like being touched more than others. I love being scratched under my chin, but don’t touch my back! Here are some things I’d suggest when petting your cats.

Make Your Cat Love Being Petted