Do Cats Need To Drink Water? It Depends On Their Diet

Do Cats Need Exercise? Nine Easy Workouts for Your Cat

Cats need exercise as much as humans do. If your cat’s a couch potato, I’ve thought of nine ways to get him up and moving.

Cats need exercise as much as humans do.

Cats need exercise as much as humans do.

Don’t cats need exercise Thomasina? My cats spend most of the day sleeping!
— Worried Cat Mom

Hi, Worried…

Yes, cats need exercise! But I don’t think you should worry that your cats spend most of the day sleeping. That’s pretty normal. We’re crepuscular (my human typist loves that word!), which means we’re most active at dusk and dawn. 

But even though we sleep most of the day, cats still need exercise to be healthy and happy. With no exercise, we get so depressed and bored. 

Why Cats Need Exercise

Three Reasons Why Cats Eat Grass

Why do cats eat grass? We have our reasons, and they’re good ones, too! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what they are.

Cats eat grass for a number of reasons.

Do your cats eat grass?

Why do cats eat grass, Thomasina? Mine eats grass and then throws up all over everywhere. Why does she torture herself this way?
— Anxious Cat Mom

Hi Anxious…

Oh, no! I don’t think your cat is torturing herself. Cats eat grass because it’s moist and juicy, and it tastes so good. We love eating grass!

Throwing up a few minutes later isn’t so great. But it’s better than the alternative — an uncomfortable stomach — and grass doesn’t always make us sick.

Why Cats Eat Grass