Cat Body Language Translated

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Oh… you’re not fluent in catspeak? I put together this glossary of cat body language, so you can understand what your cat’s saying to you. 

This yawning cat isn't being rude. In cat body language, yawning means the cat is relaxed.

When your cat yawns, he’s not bored or being rude.

What does yawning mean in cat body language, Thomasina? When I have friends over, my cat yawns at them. Why is he so rude? They think he’s bored with them!

— Embarrassed 

Hey, Embarrassed…

I don’t think your cat’s bored. Most of us love watching humans. Some of the things you do are just so funny and cute. If we had cell phones, we’d be snapping pictures and posting them on Facebook and Instagram all day!

While humans communicate with words, we communicate mostly with body language. Cat body language isn’t that hard to understand when you know what you’re looking for. 

Cats yawn when they’re relaxed. Yawning sends a reassuring, non-threatening message. It’s one of the ways we say we’re comfortable with you and don’t want to fight. So your friends should be happy when your cat yawns at them. Would they yawn back? He’d be surprised and pleased that they speak his language. 

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Reading Time: 2 minutes I guess it's true that some…