Do some of the things your cats do seem, well, just plain weird. Thomasina shares her expert purrls of wisdom on cat behavior and why cats do the things they do from a cat's point of view.

How To Make Friends With A New Cat | Manners Matter

How To Make Friends With A New Cat | Manners Matter

Are you trying to make friends with a new cat? Remember that cat manners matter a lot!

Manners matter when you want to make friends with a new cat.

Manners matter when making friends with a new cat.

How can I make friends with a new cat, Thomasina? I’d love to  become buddies with an indoor/outdoor cat in my neighborhood.
— Hopeful

Hi Hopeful…
I’m so glad you asked! So many humans have such bad manners when they try to make friends with a new cat. 

Like people, we really don’t like it when someone invades our personal space. And tromping up to a cat on the sidewalk and trying to put your hands all over him is a major invasion of his personal space. It’s also a good way to get scratched!

Manners Matter When You Want To Make Friends With A New Cat

Do Cats Like Dogs? Are They Happy Living Together?

Do cats like dogs? Some of us do. Try these tips for bringing an outside cat in and introducing him to your dog.

Many cats like dogs.

Some cats like dogs enough to share a box with them.

Do cats like dogs, Thomasina? A cat has been living on my deck for months, and I’d like to invite him to come in. I don’t want him to hate living with my dog though.
— Maybe Future Cat Mom

Hey Future Cat Mom…

I’m so glad you asked before you brought the cat in! Yes, some cats like dogs. And some dogs like cats. It all depends on the personalities. 

Five Reasons Why Your Cat Doesn’t Purr

Did you know this? We don’t just purr when we’re happy. We also purr when we’re not feeling well or are in pain. And some cats purr when they want food.
Although I understand why your cat doesn’t purr, I hope you have another one who does because purring is as good for humans as it is for cats.
The power of the purr is really quite amazing when you think about it. For humans, being with a purring cat can relieve stress and lower blood pressure. The vibration frequency of purrs can also speed up healing, reduce swelling and provide relief from pain.
Speaking of humans, I have to stop writing and get on my way. Ours is feeling neglected, and I need to go rub around her legs. That’s one of the ways she knows how much I love her. 

The Best Cat Training Treats And Nine Ways To Use Them

What are the best cat training treats? That depends on the cat! You could train me to do almost anything with Shrimply Shrimp Temptations. Take it from me, once you find your cats’ favorite, treats are a great way to train and motivate them.

The best cat training Treats depend on the cat.

The best cat training treats depend on the cat!

What are the best cat training treats, Thomasina? I’d like to teach my cat to do tricks!

— Tricky Cat Mom

Hi Tricky Cat Mom…

I’d do almost anything for my fav Temptations treats, but jumping through hoops isn’t one of them! But if your cat’s more willing to cooperate than I am, teaching him tricks is one of the ways to use cat treats. I understand clicker training works really well, too. 

Nine Ways To Use Cat Treats

Love That Loo | Why Cats Follow People Into The Bathroom


Do you think it’s odd that cats follow people into the bathroom? Trust me. We have some very good reasons for doing that.

Cats have good reasons for following people into the bathroom.

Cats have good reasons for following people into the bathroom.

Why do cats follow people into the bathroom, Thomasina? I respect my cat’s privacy. Why can’t he respect mine? 
— Annoyed

Hey, Annoyed! 

Good question about why cats follow people into the bathroom. I love 

one of our bathrooms and sleep in the sink all the time. Speaking of annoying… It’s really annoying when our human comes in and turns on the light. She always wakes me up! 

While it might seem odd to you that cats follow people into the bathroom, it makes perfect sense to the cats. Here are a few reasons why cats follow people into the bathroom.

How Do Cats Know People Are Sick?

How do cats know people are sick? We have our ways! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what they are. 

How do cats know people are sick?

Most cats know when their people aren’t feeling well.

Do cats know when people are sick, Thomasina? I had a terrible migraine last night, and my cat never left my side.
— Curious

Hi, Curious…

Sorry about that migraine! Ouch! Yes, cats know when people are sick. But what we do about it depends on the cat.

At our house, Katie is the nurse. When our human’s back hurts, she curls up against her, and the warmth of her body and the vibrations of her purr, make our human feel so much better.

How Cats Know When People Are Sick

Can Cats Read Humans’ Minds? Be Careful About What You Think!

Can cats read humans’ minds? I’m not so sure about that. But we do pick up on our people’s thoughts, so be careful what you think when you’re around your cat.

Can cats read humans' minds?

Is your cat a mind reader?

Thomasina, can cats read humans’ minds? I’ve been worried about a lot of things lately, and my cat is beyond stressed.
— Concerned

Hi Concerned…

I guess you could say cats read humans’ minds. Although I never thought of us as mind-readers, we definitely do pick up on our humans’ thoughts, moods and even their health.

When our humans are happy, we’re happy. When they’re depressed or stressed, we are, too.

What We See When Cats Read Humans’ Minds