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Is An Alpha Cat Running Your Household?

Would you recognize an alpha cat if you saw one. I can tell you what to look for. But unlike dogs, cats often share their alpha status.

An alpha cat is often female

Would you recognize an alpha cat if you saw one?

Could my calico be an alpha cat, Thomasina? She’s so bossy and entitled!
— Curious Cat Mom

Hi, Curious!

I’m an alpha cat! Sometimes… I’m always bossy and entitled. But that doesn’t mean I’m always in charge. In our family, the alpha cat changes, depending on the time of day and where we are.

Outside, Soda’s the alpha cat and keeps cats we don’t like away from our territory. He doesn’t fight with them. He just makes it abundantly clear that they’re not welcome.

Inside,  Honey is head cat, although it’s sometimes hard to tell. She’s the oldest and wisest, and she’s very good at keeping our lives organized and peaceful.

Would You Know An Alpha Cat If You Saw One?