Cat Behavior Consultations

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This grouchy Persian might appreciate a cat behavior consultation.

Are you and your cat not getting along? We can help.

Are you and your cat not getting along? My human typist and I are here to help. I love working with her because she loves and respects us, is very intuitive about cats, and takes a cat-centric approach to resolving human/cat differences of opinion. She’s a big believer in compromise and seeing a situation from the cat’s point of view.

You can see some of her advice on her personal website

Since I would really not like riding in a car to another cat’s house, we do all our consultations by email. That seems to work well for everybody, but especially the cats. 

Some of the issues we’re really good at are litter box mistakes, cats who are aggressive with their people, cats who don’t get along, and outside cats (we do not advocate forcing them to live strictly indoors). We also love to advise feral colony caretakers. 

Since my human typist is not a vet or tech and has no medical training, we can’t give you medical advice. But if you’re having trouble convincing you cat to take his medicine, we can definitely help with that. 

We charge $25 for up to five replies, and we appreciate being paid in advance with PayPal. If we feel we’re not a good match for you and your cat, we’ll refund your money instantly!

To contact us, just write to And if you could send us this form at the same time, that would be great.