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Are Cats Afraid Of The Wind?

I don’t think many cats are afraid of the wind. But we do find it really annoying!


Are cats afraid of the wind? But they tend to crouch down low because it annoys them

Could this cat be trying to get out of the wind?

Are cats afraid of the wind, Thomasina? It was very windy yesterday, and my outside cat spent the entire day in his shelter.
— Concerned

Hi, Concerned…
Ugh… I hate windy days. Cats aren’t afraid of the wind, but it’s really annoying. The howling wind sounds much louder to us than it does to you, and it can actually make our ears hurt. And it drowns out everything, so we can’t hear as well as we like to when we’re outside.

I don’t think your boy was scared. He was just staying curled up in his shelter where it was quiet and little pebbles and bits of dirt weren’t blowing in his face.