Do some of the things your cats do seem, well, just plain weird. Thomasina shares her expert purrls of wisdom on cat behavior and why cats do the things they do from a cat's point of view.

About Thomasina

Thomasina, a long-haired calico with attitude


Although she’s just five years old, Thomasina’s credentials are impressive. She lived outside on the streets of Baltimore, hunting and raiding trash cans for food until she charmed a woman with a large deck equipped with comfortable chairs and a gas grill into giving her steak (medium rare, please) and chicken. When she got cat hair all over the deck chairs, the woman gave her a box to sleep in. 

Life was good until the woman decided her cat friend needed a “real” home. She asked a Baltimore rescue for help, and the rescue asked for a home for her on Facebook. Fortunately for Thomasina, her human typist made the first offer. 

At first, Thomasina was not happy with her life in the ‘burbs. It was too quiet, too boring, and the human who whisked her away from her outdoor home in the city doesn’t eat meat and will not grill chicken or steak, even for her.

But Thomasina has trained her to provide other services, like typing her blog. When she’s not instructing humans on cat care and cat behavior, she enjoys sunning herself on top of a huge pile of rocks and playing with the tiny fish in the stream behind her condo. 

Meet Thomasina’s human typist.