About My Human Typist

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Missy Zane, my human typist, and I met on Facebook. She had just lost a cat she adored to lymphoma, and seeing my picture literally took her breath away. I look exactly like her! She just had to adopt me. But the last thing she was expecting when she brought me home was a cat who prefers to live almost completely outside and had always dreamed of being a blogger.

We’ve reached an agreement on my living arrangements, and we’re the perfect match when it comes to blogging. She’s a freelance copywriter, and she knows a lot about cats. In addition to writing, she owns a cat sitting service and is the president of the Howard County Cat Club, a no-kill cat rescue.

She began her writing career as a copy girl for the Newark Star Ledger. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like fun. After she finished college, she became a corporate editor for a large chain of award-winning community newspapers. She won many regional and national awards herself for writing and editing. I’m so proud of her!

Today, we live with six other cats. Our human’s favorite things to do are spend time with all of us outside, do cat behavior consultations by email, work on her own blog and cat care website, and, of course, type my blog for me. 

If you have a vet practice, cat sitting service or grooming shop, she’ll write for you, too. She’ll also write about your cat products, as long as they’re safe, fun and meet with my approval. To find out how you can work together, write to missyzane@comcast.net.