A Love Affair With Cardboard: Six Reasons Why Cats Like Boxes

Cat Products I Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes These are some of my very favorite things. I hope you’ll buy them for your cats, too. You’ll make them very happy! Clicking on the links will take you to Amazon, and we’ll make a small commission on your purchases. Hot Cats Hot Cats are my all-time favorite catnip toys. The 17-inch long denim twill toys are…

Nine Unusual Christmas Gifts For Cats

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s true, cats are creatures of habit. But on the holidays, we enjoy something a little different instead of the same old, same old. If your cats have tons of toys, I’ve made a list of unusual Christmas gifts for cats they’ll love. Check it out to see super-cute whisker friendly dishes, unique cat beds that will look great in your living room and more. 

Can Cats Go Green? The Definitive Guide To Shrinking Your Cat’s Carbon Pawprint

Reading Time: 5 minutes Compared to humans and most dogs, we’re tiny. But for an animal with such little feet, your cat’s carbon pawprint is huge. According to a 2017 issue of Forbes Magazine, cats and dogs are responsible for about a quarter of the greenhouses gas emissions caused by animal agriculture. Can cats go green? Well, yes and no. We’re obligate carnivores and need protein from animal sources. But there are still ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Keep reading to find out what they are.