Why Cats Stare Into Space | It’s Not Because They’re Weird

Do all cats stare into space? I do! And while you might think I’m looking at nothing, you’d be surprised by what I see. 

Why cats stare into space

Does your cat stare into space?

Do all cats stare into space, Thomasina? Or is my cat just being weird when he sits perfectly still staring at nothing?

— Creeped Out Cat Mom

Hey, Creeped Out Cat Mom!

I guess it would be sort of creepy to a human to see a cat staring at what appears to be nothing. But when cats stare into space, we’re usually watching something that’s too tiny for a human to see. Or maybe your cat’s listening to something you can’t hear.

Remember, our vision is much better than yours is in low light. And, no offense, but our hearing is much better than yours is, too. 

Why Cats Stare Into Space

Sometimes when cats stare into space, we’re actually listening intently, not staring. I hope this doesn’t upset you, but outside, we might be hoping to hear a mouse. Inside, we could be staring at the place where we heard a sound. Even a board creaking or the faint sound of a tree branch brushing against the house can get our attention and put us on high alert.

Other things we love to watch that you can’t see are drifting pieces of dust and little bugs. It’s great fun for us to watch those tiny things, although to you, it looks like we’re staring at nothing.

Oh, and this is something else you should know. We feel vibrations through our whiskers. When that happens, we stare in the direction of the vibration to try to see what it is.

If your cat is older, he might be staring into space because he’s confused. Did you know this? Like humans, cats can get Alzheimer’s Disease. I have no idea what that is, but it doesn’t sound good.

I hope this helps Creeped Out Cat Mom. I need to run now. I just heard a noise, and I need to watch that wall so I can try to figure out what it is.


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