Respect Your Cat Day? It’s March 28 — And Every Day

It's Respect Your Cat Day

How will you celebrate Respect Your Cat Day?

Did you know March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day, Thomasina? Will your family be doing anything special? 
— Curious

Hey, Curious!

Wait a minute! Respect Your Cat Day is March 28??? I thought every day was Respect Your Cat Day! It should be!

I don’t think we’ll be doing anything
special here. Our human can be bossy sometimes, and she’s a bit overprotective. But no one’s perfect, and we know how much she respects us. She says she admires us, too, and we really like that!

So if you’re curious, these are some ways our human makes every day Respect Your Cat Day at our house. She’s learned a lot from us and other cats she knows!

We Make Every Day Respect Your Cat Day

Our human respects us for being exactly what we are… cats! She doesn’t think of us as her fur kids or fur babies. We’d find that disrespectful! We’re adults and contributing members of the family, although our contributions are different from hers. 

Here are some other ways she shows respect for us. These are good suggestions for you to show how much you respect your cat, too. 

      • Our human respects our natural instincts to climb and scratch. We have floor-to-ceiling cat trees, and at our house, cardboard scratching pads are everywhere! 
      • She respects our need to be up high, too. All of our cat beds are on pieces of furniture. We don’t have any on the floor. If we did, we wouldn’t use them!
      • Our human never makes fun of things we do that seem odd to her but make perfect sense to us. That would be so disrespectful, and we would hate her for it!

      • Another way she shows respect for us is to not use carpet or air fresheners or scented candles, although she loves scented candles. Our sense of smell is much more acute than hers, and all those odors are really offensive to us. And the essential oils they contain could make us very sick. She also keeps the volume as low as possible when she listens to music or watches TV. Our ears are very sensitive and loud noises make them hurt. Besides, listening to blaring music and not being able to get away from it is really annoying. 
      • She thinks “training” works both ways. She knows how to teach us to do things that are important for our health and safety. But she respects us enough to learn from us, too.

    • She calls us family members or animal companions, not pets. I have no idea what a “pet” is, but it sounds belittling and disrespectful. And the term “pet parent” makes all of us cringe. 
    • Finally, our human has tried to learn everything she can about cat behavior and what keeps us healthy and makes us happy. She’s fluent in cat body language, too. We think that’s very respectful and appreciate it a lot. 

Do Cats Have A Respect Your Human Day?

I don’t think cats have a Respect Your Human Day, and there’s probably a good reason for that. It’s not that we don’t respect you and your belongings. We do. We just think some of the things you do, like claiming the kitchen counters all for yourself, are a bit odd. 
Some humans are harder to train than others. But we never stop trying. And when people finally get it, we have a lot of respect for them.
I hope that answers your question, Curious. Oh, and happy Respect Your Cat Day to you and your cat!

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