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Tall Tails – Your Cat’s Tail Can Tell You A Lot About His Mood

Did you know this? Your cat’s tail can tell you a lot about his mood. I’ve translated some tail talk for you so you’ll know how your cat is feeling.

A cat with its tail up is saying hello.

Your cat’s tail can tell you a lot about his mood.

Every time my cat sees me, he puts his tail up. Why does he do that, Thomasina? Is he saying hello?
— Just Wondering

Hi Just Wondering…
Yes, he’s saying hello! Putting our tails up is one way we let our humans and other cats know we’re happy to see them. If you pay attention, your cat’s tail can give you all kinds of information about his mood.

Here are some more things your cat’s tail can tell you.

When your cat’s tail is up but curved at the end like a question mark, he’s really interested in something. It can be a greeting, too, when the cat is a bit unsure. I do that a lot when I see other cats because I can’t decide if I want to hang out with them or just be by myself.

  • Another way we say we’re really interested in something is to hold our tails straight up with the top tipped to one side. Muffitt and I do that a lot when we see something moving through the grass.
  • When a cat walks up to you with her tail curled over her back, she’s saying she’s happy to see you. Belle does that all the time and our human thinks it’s just so cute. Ugh… Belle can be so annoying.
  • When you see a cat walking with her tail straight out behind her, she’s feeling confident and relaxed. 
  • Have you ever noticed your cat sitting with his tail curved down but up near the tip? He sits that way when he’s contented and relaxed. 

Do Cats Need To Drink Water?

Do cats need to drink water? Well, yes and no. Since the cats at my house are on an all-wet-food diet, we get most of the moisture we need with our food and drink much less than cats who eat dry food. 


Many cats drink water from a dripping faucet.

Does your cat drink water from a dripping faucet?

Thomasina, do cats need to drink water? My cat recently switched to an all-wet-food diet, and now I never see him drinking his water. How much water does a cat need? Should I be concerned?
— Worried

Hey, Worried!

Yes, cats really need to drink water. We should have between five-10 ounces a day, but all of it doesn’t necessarily have to come from a bowl!

Wherever It Comes From, Cats Need To Drink Water

Does Yelling Scare Cats?

Does yelling scare cats? It scares me! Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.


Most of the time, yelling scares cats.

Yelling at your kids could scare your cat.

Does yelling scare cats, Thomasina? I yelled at my kids the other day, and now my cat is terrified of me. Why??? I wasn’t yelling at him! I love my cat! I would never yell at him.
— Sad and Confused

Hi Sad and Confused…
I’m sorry your cat’s so upset. Yes, yelling at your kids scares your cat! But he won’t be scared forever.

I was about to say we’re not mind readers. But really, sometimes we are. We pick up on our humans’ thoughts and emotions. And sometimes we know what you’re thinking almost before you do.

But yelling at kids scares cats because it’s a bit different. Your cat could tell you were angry with somebody, and for all he knew that somebody was him. So he figured it was best to just lay low and stay out of the way until you calmed down. He was probably so confused.