Why Cats Hate Lion Cuts & The Purpose Of Cat Fur

No… Please don’t shave your cat! Take it from me. Cats hate lion cuts, and not because they’re embarrassing.


Most cats hate lion cuts.

A lion cut could make your cat hotter, not cooler, in the summer.

Do cats hate lion cuts, Thomasina? I recently got my cat shaved down into a lion cut so he’d be cool this summer. Now, he won’t come out from under my bed. Is he embarrassed?

— Meant Well

Hi Meant Well…

Most cats hate lion cuts, but not because they make us look so silly. After all, most of us have bad hair days. We really don’t care if we have an entire month or two of bad hair days. Appearances aren’t all that important to us.

I don’t think your cat’s embarrassed. But he could be scared.

Why Cats Hate Lion Cuts

Cats hate lion cuts because we really need all that fur. It protects us from scratches when we’re around other animals. And it guards against microorganisms and even parasites. Without it, we feel very vulnerable.
Believe it or not, our fur also helps us stay comfortable in hot weather. It serves as an insulating layer between our skin and the outside environment, keeping us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Something else you might not know about cat fur is that we use it for communication. Have you ever seen a cat with his fur standing on end? He’s letting you know he’s very angry and wants you to stay far away!

I know you had good intentions, and I’m sure your cat appreciates that. But next summer, I’d skip the lion cut and let his built-in “air conditioner” do its work.


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